Best Super Bowl XLI Prop Bets

It’s the wackiest game of them all – and part of the reason is the variety of Super Bowl XLI prop bets. Here are 6 great prop bets to make.

Super Bowl XLI Prop bets

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady 3/2

It’s a wonder he’s not more heavily favored. I’ve already been on record as saying that the Pats will win the game, so why not select the best player on the potentially winning team?

Which team gets more sacks: Falcons 5/4

Considering that you only have two choices, I like the odds that Atlanta is getting here. Even if the Pats take the lead, we all know that they don’t run a ton. That will leave Brady in plenty of passing situations. Give me the ATL D.

Odds a kick or punt is returned for a TD: 13/1

Wow, now that’s a great payout! It hasn’t happened often in the big game, but both teams have capable returners. I wouldn’t put a large amount on this one, but the payout is outstanding.

Odds a defense scores a TD: 4/1

I LOVE this prop! New England has a big play defense and anything can happen when it’s all on the line. Atlanta’s D plays with a ton of speed, so either way I think there’s good value in this one.

Odds on Lady Gaga’s opening halftime show song: Born this way 4-1

She’s a politically inclined singer. And in light of everything going on right now in America you would think that Lady Gaga would want to both start her performance off with a bang and make everything take notice. I’m pretty confident in this one.

Over/under the number of times Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are shown: 4.5

This is the under of the century. These guys are rarely on during a game. If you can find a book with this line then bet the under.

Enjoy the game!

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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