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  • 5 Super Bowl LI Facts

    5 Surprising Super Bowl LI Facts

    Wow. Now that was a Super Bowl! We were on the right side of the spread, as New England covered. But boy did they ever work for it. In the end it was experience that prevailed. But a few things surprised us along the way. Here are my top 5 Super Bowl LI facts of […] More

  • Super Bowl XLI Prop bets

    Best Super Bowl XLI Prop Bets

    It’s the wackiest game of them all – and part of the reason is the variety of Super Bowl XLI prop bets. Here are 6 great prop bets to make. Super Bowl XLI Prop bets Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady 3/2 It’s a wonder he’s not more heavily favored. I’ve already been on record as saying […] More

  • Prop Betting Super Bowl LI

    Prop Betting Super Bowl LI and Spread Update

    Last week we previewed Super Bowl LI from the perspective of the spread. This week’s blog is all about the props. Prop betting Super Bowl LI, as on any Super Bowl is a huge part of what makes the Super Bowl the biggest wagering event of the year. There are a multitude of prop bets. […] More

  • Super Bowl 51 Picks

    Super Bowl 51 Picks

    It’s for all the marbles, so we have to make it count. The NFL Super Bowl 51 picks are very clear to me. Overall, my football picks column has gotten more right than wrong, so the track record is there. Let’s do this. Super Bowl 51 Picks Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots (-3) The […] More

  • Super Bowl 51 matchup Coaches

    Super Bowl 51 matchup – Coaching Intangibles

    Looking at next Sunday’s Super Bowl 51 matchup, the coaching staff intangibles is what we want to analyze here. Which coach will win Super Bowl 51? Super Bowl 51 matchup A lot has been made about the Atlanta Falcons being the team with no big game experience. And there’s definitely something to that, especially when you […] More

  • Super Bowl 51

    Top 4 Things Bound to Disappoint at Super Bowl 51

    It’s the most hyped event in pop culture history, and Super Bowl 51 is no exception. But how often does it actually live up to the overzealous billing? The Super Bowl has become the biggest television spectacle annually. It’s a time to get together with friends, partake in NFL betting and eat way too much. […] More

  • 2017 Super Bowl 51 Preview, Picks and Odds

    2017 Super Bowl 51 Preview, Picks and Odds

    Super Bowl 51 isn’t until Feb. 5. But, waiting that long to release a Super Bowl 51 Preview makes no sense, right? Why not get down to the nitty-gritty on why one team, the New England Patriots, is going to wipe out the other team, the Atlanta Falcons, at Super Bowl 51? That’s exactly what I […] More

  • 2016 NFL Preseason Week 1

    2016 NFL Preseason Week 1- All 32 NFL Teams in Action this Week

    Football is back as tomorrow starts the 2016 NFL Preseason Week 1, and this week all 32 teams will play. Six games will be on national TV. 2016 NFL Preseason Week 1 Schedule As posted in Thursday Aug. 11 NFL Games Carolina at Baltimore Tampa Bay at Philadelphia Washington at Atlanta New Orleans at New […] More

  • The best NFL betting news

    NFL Betting News – August 8th

    We’re less than 30 days away from another NFL Season Kick Off. Every week we’re going to be giving you latest and greatest in NFL Betting and Odds News from the best sources on the Internet. More

  • Marshawn Lynch

    “You know why I’m here” Marshawn Lynch Tells Media

    Oh Marshawn Lynch, what have you done now. It seems the more he tries to avoid the media, the more they focus on him. In fact, on the NFL’s media day reporters were so anxious to get up close and personal with the Seahawk that he had to be given his own interview time and […] More

  • Pro Bowl

    The Official Update for Pro Bowl 2015

    The full roster for this year’s Pro Bowl was announced last night, and not everyone made the cut. This is the second year for the non-conference format – the league opted to vote for captains instead of the usual AFC vs NFC contest. Although it’s a little lackluster compared to the Super Bowl, it’s still […] More

  • Patriots cheat

    DeflateGate: the Latest Reason to Hate the Patriots

    Last week, DeflateGate was a nonsense word that had no meaning to anyone. This week, it’s all football fans can talk about. The Patriots are no stranger to scandal. We all love to hate them, whether they’re winning the Super Bowl or lording Brady over the rest of the league. And here we are, another […] More

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