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Redskins vs Colts Week 13 Free Pick

With Colt McCoy starting for the Redskins instead of Robert Griffin III  against Andrew Luck, Thanksgiving Weekend Football brings us a very different Redskins vs Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Redskins vs Colts

We drew the line in the sand earlier this season saying Colt McCoy should be the Washington Redskins starter instead of the highly inconsistent RG3. Looks like Jay Gruden finally agreed it might have been a terrible idea and decided to make the change.

In all fairness to Griffin he took it well. In a rushed 35 second Q&A on Thanksgiving Day. Here’s what Robert Griffin III had to say on Comcast Sportsnet:

“It was Coach’s decision,” Comcast Sportsnet reports Griffin as saying. “I’m here to help this team win.”

The Colts are -9.5 point favorites and SportsInsights free NFL betting odds has 77% of the public taking the Colts on the spread, and 61% on the Moneyline.

Total points for the game sits at 51 across all books with only adding a half point to make their total 51.5 points. 54% of public bettors are taking the Over, I’m thinking that’s not a bad call, this is going to be a high scoring game.

I’m going to go against the public betting trend and say the Redskins will be in this game and have a shot at covering the +9.5 point spread. It’s Week 13 and every team in the NFL is stepping up their game as the playoffs quickly approach, well except for the Jets, Jaguars and Saints, and it really hurts me deep inside me to say the Saints haven’t stepped up. It hurts, it hurts real real real bad.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take the Skins to cover +9.5. Alternatively just fade me, after my week 12 NFL quick picks you might just want to give that a shot.


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Written by Dan Nedelko

Insanely curious, always absorbing and learning Dan is a writer, photographer, coder, sports and science fan. You can find Dan on Twitter @Dannomatic.


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