11 Reasons Redskins Fans can be Proud and Weep

Breaking News: Seattle didn’t blowout Washington!

Redskins fans everywhere had a glimmer of hope to actually defeat the Super Bowl champions straight up, then watched their hope evaporate on a few critical mis-steps.

Quick facts : Seattle vs. Washington Week 5 Monday Night Football

The game total came in under the 45.5 O/U [SportsInsights] at 44.
The Seahawks won ATS [Against The Spread] with the 27-17 win. Seattle were -7 favourites [SportsInsights].

11 Reasons Washington Fans Should be Proud and Sad all at the same time:

  1. This was a VERY winnable game from the Redskins given all the opportunities Seattle gave Washington to take the game.
  2. The Redskins offense just doesn’t have the stones to go up against a team like Seattle. The Skins are so slim in the depth chart, and their offensive line is very weak.
  3. Ryan Kerrigan and Keenan Robinson are worth whatever Washington pay them.
  4. Niles Paul can’t block. At all.
  5. Tackling was all around bad. Too many missed tackles to count.
  6. These refs were nice to Washington, but Washington has this odd way of sabotaging themselves with penalties.
  7. The Skins Special Teams had no major f**k ups, but did nothing Special either. This is largely due to Seattle’s much better field position and special teams play.
  8. DJax had a rocky start, but he had some clutch catches, which were some beautiful throws from Kirk.
  9. Kirk had a good game. Almost always under pressure, pretty accurate, and taking chances within reason. Glad to see he’s back.
  10. O-line discipline was great. 3 offsides on the Defense, well-done. Now, block them.
  11. Seattle had a ton of deserved penalties, including some they didn’t get called on. Especially the hold on Orakpo on that crucial 3rd down play. Had the officials called that Washington may have won the game.

But the refs didn’t call it and Washington didn’t win.

Hold your heads high Redskins fans, it wasn’t an embarrassing showing. You done good.

What do you think?

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