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  • Week 17 Playoff Standings

    NFL Playoff Race at a Glance: Week 17

    Wondering where things stand going into the final week of the season? After this past weekend, some teams are forced to play spoiler while others see their path clearly in the NFL playoff race. Check out this awesome little playoff race recap before you make your picks. Our friends at Bleacher Report put this together to […] More

  • NFL Week 16
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    Highlights, Lowlights, and Upsets: Week 16

    With Week 16 come and gone, the end of the season is finally here. The time when all that hard work pays off – or gets shattered into tiny little pieces. Last week meant playoff death for some teams and gave others cause to celebrate. Let’s recap, shall we? The Colts played like shit on […] More

  • week 16 early betting lines
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    Your Opening Betting Lines: Week 16

    As we head into the second last week of the season, experts are getting the early betting lines together. Week 16 doesn’t start off too hot with a Titans vs Jacksonville matchup, but it definitely gets better with two bonus Saturday games and a full line up on Sunday. (All odds were provided by   Thursday […] More

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    Week 14 Highlights, Lowlights, and Updates

    Things are getting tense as playoff chances get smashed left right and centre. Miami’s hopes are looking slim, the Bears are trying to get a losing streak going apparently, and the Eagles are still crying from their Seahawks beat down. The important facts and what you shouldn’t have missed from Week 14:  Saints fans couldn’t […] More

  • Week 13 Green Bay and New England
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    Week 13 Highlights, Lowlights and Updates

    The Patriots and Packers gave us an amazing Week 13 SuperBowl Preview. My Week 13 quick picks went 6-5 but I will say a few things in my own defense. These are my own Week 13 Upsets and WTFs: The Jacksonville Jaguars actually won a game! Ok so after that holy shit moment, the line […] More

  • Troy Aikmans Beard
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    Week 12 Highlights, Lowlights and Picks : Odell, Browns Fans Speak too Soon

    Our Week 12 wrap up includes: our terrible Sunday picks (time to start fading Reggie Breese), Odell Beckham Junior for president of the universe, Browns fans speaking to soon, and Dez Bryant being all humble again and just being Dez Bryant. We would be terrible human beings and even worse sports fans if we didn’t […] More

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    Week 12 NFL Quick Picks

    NFL Week 12 kicks in and the underdogs that have been under performing for the past 3 months start to get hungry for redemption and respect. We saw it Thursday night when the Raiders and Derek Carr upset the playoff bound Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 in a rainy showdown in Oakland. I did make the […] More

  • Week 11 Updates, highlights, vines, gifs
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    NFL Week 11 Highlights and Lowlights

    Week 11. What is happening? My universe is imploding. Nothing makes any sense. All of these statements have been made after the first round of 1pm Eastern games. Serious upsets, douche baggery, shockers and generally chaos ensues. Gronkowski having a very Gronky Run An epic run in every possible way. Not to mention a beauty […] More

  • New Orleans San Francisco Week 10
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    5 Reasons The Saints Didn’t Deserve to Win Sunday

    I’m a lifelong Saints fan, and take a yearly pilgrimage down to the Big Easy to spend a weekend, watch the game, eat some Beignets and drink Hurricanes. This year I had to drink a few more Hurricanes than normal. It was a great game, if you’re a Niners fan. I was at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome to […] More

  • Redskins and Seahawks MNF Wrap Up

    11 Reasons Redskins Fans can be Proud and Weep

    Breaking News: Seattle didn’t blowout Washington! Redskins fans everywhere had a glimmer of hope to actually defeat the Super Bowl champions straight up, then watched their hope evaporate on a few critical mis-steps. Quick facts : Seattle vs. Washington Week 5 Monday Night Football The game total came in under the 45.5 O/U [SportsInsights] at […] More

  • NFL Week 5 picks, scores, and team updates

    NFL Week 5 : Scores, Updates and Stuff

    We’re getting to that point in the season when the pretenders to throne of NFL greatness start be called out. It’s still early in the season but let’s break down a few of the results and maybe see what’s going on here: Jacksonville might not be as terrible as they seem by their 0-5 record […] More