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    One Stanley Cup win changes it all for Ovechkin, Capitals

    From underchievers to persevering heroes. The Washington Capitals and captain Alex Ovechkin changed the long-running narrative about their team with one series one. For a franchise that had blown 5 3-1 series leads in its history, nothing else matters other than this year. Even prior to Ovechkin’s tenure, the Caps were known as a club […] More

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    Top 5 MLB Teams – June 6, 2018

    The MLB season feels a little lopsided this season, as there are only a handful of truly elite squads, while the others fight for playoff wildcard scraps. Still, if you’re fortunate enough to see one of those top teams in action this summer enjoy it. I’ve put together an early June list of the best […] More

  • Cousins or Keenum

    Cousins or Keenum? Who will have a better season?

    Kirk Cousins. He was the free agent prize of the offseason. The former Washington quarterback cashed in hugely this offseason and will now drop back and fire it for the Minnesota Vikings. It was widely assumed and even reported that every team looking for a new rear pivot took a shot on Cousins. That is, […] More

  • Capitals vs Knights Final

    NHL Advice: Maybe Capitals CAN compete with Knights

    A couple of games into this series, the NHL head office has got to be absolutely elated with what they’re seeing. You have two teams scoring goals, competing hard, disliking one another right away and did we mention scoring goals? Indeed, the Stanley Cup final between the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights has been […] More

  • Chris Paul Sign And Play

    Chris Paul will sign play here next season

    He is one of the best point guards of our generation. He is a born leader. Tough. Smart. Skilled. But he’s also oft injured and one of the players who has frustratingly not delivered on his promise. Many years have passed since CP3 was drafted and played in New Orleans. He’s had some amazing regular […] More

  • 2018 NBA Finals

    NBA Finals will be closer than many think

    Basketball betting odds for the NBA Finals are lopsided. The Golden State Warriors are major favorites, and rightfully so. It seems that Cleveland’s attack is completely predicated on LeBron James playing out of his mind for the Cavs to simply be competitive. That said, who’s to say that the King can’t do it for another […] More

  • 2018 NHL Final

    NHL Advice: Caps don’t have a shot vs Golden Knights

    We got ourselves a marquee matchup, right? The Washington Capitals versus the Vegas Golden Knights. Two large media markets who’ve never won the Stanley Cup. You have fan fav. Alex Ovechkin finally in the last series of the NHL playoffs. He’s a great quote and never camera shy. After finally winning the Eastern Conference, all […] More

  • Stanley Cup Final

    If Stanley Cup Final ratings aren’t up this year, they never will be

    The Stanley Cup Final. The annual postseason hockey series where NBC regrets having to pre-empt regularly-scheduled programming to air something that attracts less eyeballs. I love hockey, I’m Canadian. But I’m also realistic in that it’s a sport that will never catch on in certain areas of the United States. The league can talk all […] More

  • 2018 NHL Golden Knights Playoff Advice

    NHL Advice: Just who are these Golden Knights, anyway?

    They’re the talk of the pro sports world. It isn’t even close. An expansion team on the brink of the pinnacle of its sport in Year 1? Whaaaat? We knew the Vegas Golden Knights would have some talent, and maybe even be competitive, but to come this far so soon is downright crazy. Let’s look […] More

  • 2018 Washington Capitals

    Why the 2018 Washington Capitals are a team of destiny

    The NHL playoffs are reaching its peak, and the Washington Capitals are a big part of that. The perennial Stanley Cup contenders appear to finally be putting it all together this season, as they have jumped out to a strong lead in the Eastern Conference Final. It’s not that Tampa Bay has been playing badly. […] More

  • 2018 Conference Finals
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    NHL Advice – Who will win the 2018 Conference Finals

    And then there were four. Four teams that will remain in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s cup. Four groups of players who dream about doing ridiculous things with the trophy. Last round, we saw the defending champs go down, a Cinderella story continue, a divisional grudge match get settled and arguably the most entertaining second […] More

  • 2018 NBA playoff storylines

    3 great 2018 NBA playoff storylines of the first two rounds

    The NBA postseason has been outstanding. We’ve had Game 7s, upsets and great individual performances. Some have stood out more than others. Here’s a quick reminder of what we’ve seen so far. 2018 NBA Playoff Storylines 1. Play that Jazz Utah was the hottest Western Conference team down the stretch in the NBA regular season. […] More

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