Five Most Hated Teams


Whether it’s because spend the most money or have the most sports titles, every major sport has a few teams that are downright hated by thousands, if not millions. These polarizing teams are also the source of big time ratings in their respective sports, something that each league is only happy to cultivate and encourage. So who are these most hated teams? Well, some of them will also show up on the most loved sports team list, I am sure. But here are the ones that we have deemed as the top villains.

Five Most Hated Teams in Sports

New York Yankees

The Bronx Bombers are hated across the continent for many reasons. First, their former owner George Steinbrenner was loud and liked to bend the rules. Despite having many homegrown players in the 90’s and early 2000’s, many baseball fans view New York as a franchise that will simply buy the players that they need.

Dallas Cowboys

This starts and ends with Jerry Jones. Many view the team owner as a delusional ego-maniac who is very unlikable. Dallas has also employed many players who with criminal records (remember Greg Hardy?). It’s simply a team that football fans love to hate.

Duke Blue Devils (NCAAB)

Beginning in the 90’s, many looked at the Blue Devils as a privileged school with basketball players who were also privileged. While that wasn’t exactly true, it was a narrative that helped to foster hate in their collective direction. While Coach K. has won five college basketball titles at the helm of this hoops program, the Blue Devils sell out arena all across the country partially based on the fact that fans love to root against them.

Los Angeles Lakers

There’s literally a chant when the Lakers are on the road – Beat L.A.! Los Angeles has a ton of success over the last three decades. But right now NBA fans from other markets are loving the fact that they’re in a down period. The Lakers are known for being flashy, stealing other team’s big name talent and winning – three things that traditional hoops fans don’t like.

New England Patriots

As if this wasn’t obvious. Similar to the Yankees, the Pats have been caught cheating. They also are a lightning rod for criticism and hate from other markets. While some may call the dislike of New England as jealousy, others will point to cockiness, cheating and unlikable personalities (Belichick, Brady, etc.) as the reason for not liking them.