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  • 2018 NHL Jets Playoff Advice

    NHL Playoff Advice – Are the Jets hockey betting gold?

    It may as well be the arctic circle for some American hockey lovers. Yet Winnipeg is one of the most mentioned contenders right now in the National Hockey League. Following a deadline that saw them acquire crafty center Paul Stastny from the St. Louis Blues, Winnipeg is as deep as anyone up front. It’s their […] More

  • 2018 NHL Playoff Betting Advice

    NHL Playoff Advice – Ducks are surging

    Beginning this week, DeadHitSports will regularly look at the National Hockey League as teams drive for the 2018 Stanley Cup in June. We’ll look at hockey betting, NHL news and notes, and insight into which teams and players are taking off. 2018 NHL Playoff Betting Advice Ducks are surging The Anaheim Ducks are starting to […] More

  • 2017 Stanley Cup Winners

    3 Reasons why the Penguins won the Stanley Cup

    It’s over. The long NHL season is now behind us. Overall, the Stanley Cup Final was decent, and we have the Penguins as the 2017 Stanley Cup winners. It would have been outstanding to have a Game 7, but at least the final tilt was a competitive one. So now we’re left with a two-time […] More

  • NHL Stanley Cup Finals - Predators are Halfway to History

    NHL Stanley Cup Finals – Predators are Halfway to History

    The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are squared at 2 games apiece and the Nashville Predators, the first of the four ‘June 1997 expansion era’ teams to make it to the Finals, are halfway to making history. NHL Stanley Cup Finals – Predators are Halfway to History What a great coaching job by Peter Laviolette (who […] More

  • can the predators win

    Can the Predators win Game 5 in Pittsburgh? 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Coverage

    The Nashville Predators have done what many thought was impossible – they have gotten this series back on even footing. Everyone in the hockey world is excited to see what happens next. But the big question remains – can the Predators win a game in Pittsburgh? [poll id=”2″] 2017 NHL Stanley Cup – Can the Predators […] More

  • why the 2017 Stanley Cup Final isn't over

    Why the 2017 Stanley Cup Final Isn’t Over

    I was wrong, I admit it, I had the Predators coming out and evening up the Stanley Cup Final series with the Pittsburgh Penguins. It didn’t work out. In fact, Pittsburgh looked really, really good in Game 2. That said, I believe that the Predators can rest this series at home in Tennessee, a home […] More

  • 2017 NHL Playoff MVP Candidates

    NHL Playoff MVP Update

    We’re early on in the Stanley Cup Final. But it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2017 NHL playoff MVP, or as the NHL refers to it – Conn Smythe Trophy Winner. There are a few candidates. 2017 NHL Playoff MVP Candidates Evgeni Malkin, Penguins He leads the NHL playoffs in points and […] More

  • Game 2 Stanley Cup Final Odds

    Stanley Cup Final – Bet the Preds in Game 2

    Wow, now that was an entertaining Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. It had everything – and then some! We had video review, two penalties called on one team at the same time, a big lead and a comeback, and the game-winning goal scored by a player who almost wasn’t in the lineup. We […] More

  • 2017 Stanley Cup Final Preview - 3 Key Storylines Penguins vs Predators

    Stanley Cup Final – 3 Key Storylines

    We have ourselves a matchup to determined the NHL champion. I can’t wait for this matchup. It’s star power versus ultimate team play. Let the fun begin. 2017 Stanley Cup Final Preview – 3 Key Storylines Penguins vs Predators It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings for Pittsburgh versus Nashville are for this final. […] More

  • PK Subban

    NHL Western Conference Finals Aftermath: Is History Repeating Itself?

    One half of the Stanley Cup Finals is set with the Nashville Predators game 6 victory Monday night. Now stop me if you have heard this story before… A beloved superstar player transcends the team he plays for + a hotheaded, old-school coach + an inexperienced, first-time GM = The superstar player being traded to […] More

  • Key Player in the 2017 NHL Eastern Conference Final Game 7

    Who is the Key Player in the 2017 Eastern Conference Final Game 7

    Ah Game 7, the crown jewel in major sports. It’s the game where everything is on the line. Where both teams can be eliminated. Sure, both squads try their best during the best-of-seven series. But Game 7 has a finality to it. You leave nothing in the tank and empty it all on the ice. […] More

  • Predators in the Stanley Cup Final

    NHL Playoffs – How did the Predators do it?

    The Nashville Predators have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final. That’s right, it’s not a misprint. The mustard-colored, sabre-toothed team has made it to the championship round of hockey postseason. It’s a stunning development. When you think about the fact that qualified as the final seed in the Western Conference, and their goaltender was merely […] More

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