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  • nfl week 8 power index 2017

    NFL Week 8 Top 10 Team Power Index

    What a difference a week makes. The Patriots have rocketed back near the top, while the Falcons are not barely hanging on to the list. What a crazy week. Meanwhile, the Chiefs finally relinquished the top spot. But this list is all about celebrating the Eagles. Fly birds, fly! NFL Week 8 Power Index 2017 […] More

  • NFL Season Lessons Learned Week 8 Recap

    Lessons Learned Week 8 on the NFL

    Well now, did anyone see that Bears win coming? We sure didn’t. But at the end of the day does it matter? The Vikings are still good and the Bears are still bad. Here are the lessons learned week 8, a riveting week of NFL betting: Lessons Learned Week 8 1. The Broncos defense will […] More

  • NFL Betting - Regular Season Week 8 Preview

    Regular Season Week 8 Preview

    NFL Week 8 showcases some of the best rivalries in the league. New England battles Buffalo. Arizona travels to Carolina to take on the Panthers. San Diego heads up the mountains to throw down against Denver and the Vikings take on the Bears. Plus, one of the biggest historical rivalries in the NFC takes place […] More

  • NFL Week 8 Betting Picks by Matt Ross from Game Points Radio

    NFL Regular Season Week 8 Picks

    A week where no unbeaten teams are left. Yes, the Vikings finally lost. We also saw one of the worst kicker situations (probably) ever as the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals tied at 6 in OT, both kickers unable to convert. But what about this week? Saddle up, here we go with our week 8 betting […] More

  • NCAA Betting: College Football Week 8 Preview

    College Football Week 8 Preview

    As we enter our college football week 8 preview, there are still some teams that can make it to the championship on January 2017. Some are solid and some are not. There are going to be some clashes and tough games this week also. This top 25 AP poll will definitively change a lot for week 9 as […] More