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NFL Week 11 Highlights and Lowlights

Week 11. What is happening? My universe is imploding. Nothing makes any sense. All of these statements have been made after the first round of 1pm Eastern games. Serious upsets, douche baggery, shockers and generally chaos ensues.

Gronkowski having a very Gronky Run

An epic run in every possible way. Not to mention a beauty GIF up on


As a Saints fan I’m personally embarrassed by this douchebag. Give her the ball, it’s not her fault Rob Ryan, our defense, offensive line and pretty much everything are terrible.


Massive hit on Sanders. Boom! The other shocking thing here is that the Rams might just upset the Broncos. Any Given Sunday.


Tampa Bay is just walking all over the Redskins. Trampling is more like it.


JJ Watt and the Texans are shockingly going to handily beat up the Browns. Yeah I said that. I don’t believe it and I just typed it.


Cutler and the Bears stave off complete disaster by taking down the Vikings in a complete turnaround from Week 10.


Watch Matt Forte break 5 tackles. Amazing.


Charles literally cuts through the Seattle defense like a hot knife through butter. Respect to the Chiefs, they’re the real deal.


Crabtree making the Giants look as terrible as he made the Saints look in Week 10. Youch.

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Written by Dan Nedelko

Insanely curious, always absorbing and learning Dan is a writer, photographer, coder, sports and science fan. You can find Dan on Twitter @Dannomatic.

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