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    Classic DENvsNE Moments

    Sunday brings a 16th chapter of the Brady-Manning story. And if history is a good judge, the only thing we’ll be able to predict is that the game will be unpredictable. Here are a few of my favourites:           More

  • Week 9 The Redskins are starting RG3 not Colt McCoy
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    Starting RG3 Sitting McCoy is a Terrible Idea

    So the Redskins finally looked like a team that can play football last Monday night and Jay Gruden says he has “every intent” of starting Robert Griffin III on Sunday. Let’s review some tape and then we can all just repeat “what the hell” over and over between now and kick off tomorrow against the […] More

  • NFL Week 4 Best Plays
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    The Best NFL Week 4 Vines

    We specialize in lazy, we’d really rather that someone else does all of the work whenever possible. So here’s a collection of our favorite Week 4 NFL moments. Steve Smith Whaaaaaaaat!!!! So accidentally awesome which make it’s just plain old awesome.     The Raiders Caught a Football The Raiders even got to fly to […] More

  • Will Muschamp GIF and Vine
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    Will Muschamp goes Jim Harbaugh

    It’s not news that Will Muschamp rules the Florida Gators with an iron fist. It’s also not really news that he loses it. Here’s Will Muschamp pulling a pretty amazing Jim Harbaugh. More

  • Steelers at Ravens kicks of Week 2

    Steelers Ravens : TNF Go Boom

    Back when #football was #football and these kinds of hits were allowed. Awesome.The Ravens broke the Steelers 5-1 ATS record in Baltimore Thursday night. Post by NFL Vines. More