Maddie Peterson USA surf

Hottest Women of the ISA World Surfing Games Costa Rica 2016


Last weekend we were pumped to be in attendance at the World Surfing Championships in Jaco, Costa Rica.

We took in some amazing surfing and had a chance to spend some time with some of the hottest (and best) surfer girls in the world.

These women are beautiful, sexy, living life to the fullest and able to shred a wave so well they’d make the best of us look like idiots on a surfboard.

In the spirit of being awesome, we decided we needed to highlight the best of the best surfer girls that were in attendance at the ISA World Surfing Games this past weekend.

Stay tuned for my updated post later this week!

Tiara Blanco – World Champion and Super Hottie

There are many beautiful women in surfing but there’s only one World Champion Super Hottie and that’s Tiara Blanco. Not only could you bring this gorgeous girl home to mom, she can shred a wave like no other woman in the world. Literally.

Hot Surfer Girls

It’s clear that Tiara is living the clean life. She’s a champion surfer, yoga fanatic and vegan and it’s paying off in spades!

Tiara Blanco Bikini

Tiara Blanco Rocking the Bikini

Jessica Anderson – Chile – South is Good

Jessica Anderson Chile surf bikini

Nice bikini gorgeous and talented

Chile brings beautiful and talented surfer Jessica Anderson, check her moves in our coverage at the WSG.

Jessica Anderson Chile surf

Jessica Anderson riding the waves

Pauline Ado – France – Oh là là

Pauline Ado France surf

Searching for a wave

Who says you need a bikini to look hot? Check Pauline Ado site

Paulina Ado surf ISa WSG

Splashing out after a wave ride

Nao Omura – Japan – Arigato

Nao Omura surf bikini

Beautiful smile Nao

Maybe Nao Omura will be the Surfing hostess at Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Nao Omura suf Japan

Simple beauty and a fresh smile by Nao Omura Japan’s top surfer

Raiha Ensor – New Zealand – ??

Raiha Ensor New Zealand surfer

Sweet as mate

Teresa Bonvalot – Portugal – Obrigado

Teresa Bonvalot Portugal surf

Teresa Bonvalot walking on the surf side

Photo: Billabong Active outfit


Teresa Bonvalot Portugal

Teresa Bonvalot enjoying the sea breeze

Idalis Alvarado – Puerto Rico


Idalis Alvarado Puerto Rico surf bikini

Idalis Alvarado bikini time!

Tanika Hoffman – South Africa – Breathless

Tanika Hoffman - South Africa sexy surf

Former ISA World Champions looking back – Sexy

Photo: Alex de Beer


Tanika Hoffman South Africa bikini

Tanika Hoffman bikini ride!

June Erostarbe – Switzerland – No Cold Here

June Erostarbe surf Switzerland WSG

June Erostarbe on interview

June Erostarbe surfer

Beautiful June Erostarbe, trophy and board!

Maddie Peterson – USA – WOW

Maddie Peterson USA surf

Gorgeous Maddie Peterson giving the look!

SPOILER ALERT: Got engaged one month ago… but still HOT!

Maddie Peterson surfer USA

Love to be Maddie Peterson’s board.. just saying