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  • 2018 Washington Capitals

    Why the 2018 Washington Capitals are a team of destiny

    The NHL playoffs are reaching its peak, and the Washington Capitals are a big part of that. The perennial Stanley Cup contenders appear to finally be putting it all together this season, as they have jumped out to a strong lead in the Eastern Conference Final. It’s not that Tampa Bay has been playing badly. […] More

  • 3 Reasons the Capitals Will Win Game 7

    3 Reasons the Capitals Will Win Game 7

    Typically, when you pick a side in the title of an argument, you open yourself up for a whole lot of criticism if you aren’t right. But I don’t think my NHL pick for tonight will be wrong. It’s a little risky to bet against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. But I firmly believe […] More

  • 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Picks - Washington Capitals

    NHL Picks – Capitals Are Alive and Kicking

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Washington Capitals still alive and have a pulse in these Stanley Cup playoffs. The best team in the regular season that has lost the first game in each of the first two rounds of the NHL postseason, has improved its NHL odds of finally becoming champion. 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs […] More

  • Penguins vs Capitals Odds on 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    2017 Stanley Cup Odds – Penguins against Capitals will go 7

    The Penguins came out flying in Game 1 of their series with the Capitals on Thursday night, and it was a dandy. The Penguins vs Capitals Odds on 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs series will be one for the ages, I think. While Pittsburgh is missing top defenseman Kristopher Letang on the back end, the rest of […] More

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    NHL betting – Round 2 Predictions

    We’re ready for round 2 of the NHL playoffs, time to hone in on what we learned and what remaining angles we can take advantage of. Here are some rapid fire thoughts and NHL picks for what we could see in this 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 Predictions […] More

  • Stanley Cup Odds - NHL Playoffs Second Round Update

    Stanley Cup Odds – Second Round Update

    We’re now into the NHL playoffs second round games and odds. Hockey picks made at this point come with a decent sample size of postseason play. You have had a chance to see all of the teams in action, and assess who is on a roll, and who to stay away from. NHL playoffs Second […] More

  • 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Washington Capitals Experience Matters

    2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Experience Matters

    Yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs have exceeded Stanley Cup odds prior to the start of the postseason. But now it’s crunch time, the point in a 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs where nerves must be made of steel and experience matters. It’s what the young Leafs are finding out. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Washington Capitals As […] More