2017 MLB Weekly Power Rankings May Week 3

As the Yankees and Astros wobble in their week’s perfomance, the Rockies showed their glitter. Rankings will continue to change as the MLB regular season continues. See below for my entire MLB Power Rankings May Week 3!

MLB Power Rankings May Week 3

American League
** All records as of May 21

1. Houston Astros 29-15
Last Week: 1

Although the Cleveland Indians swept the Astros over the weekend, I still leapfrogged Houston over the Yankees. The Astros swept the Marlins on the road in 3 games before the 3 losses to Cleveland.

2. New York Yankees 25-16
Last Week: 2

The Yankees also went 3 and 3 last week. The problem I have with New York’s performance is that they lost a game to Kansas City. Then, over the weekend, they lost 2 games to the Tampa Bay Rays.

3. Baltimore Orioles 25-17
Last Week: 3

So far, the O’s are proving me wrong. Yes, they beat Detroit 13 to 11 before losing 2 straight to the Detroit Tigers. But, they bounced back by beating Toronto in 2 out of 3. The wins versus Toronto were important because the Blue Jays went into the week hot.

4. Cleveland Indians 23-19
Last Week: 5

Here comes Cleveland. Although the Rays beat them in 2 out of 3 games earlier in the week, there’s no getting past how well the Indians performed against Houston. They beat the Astros 5-3, 3-0, and 8-6.

5. Minnesota Twins 22-18
Last Week: 4

The 3-game interleague battle versus the NL West leading Colorado Rockies to start the week was a bust. One game was postponed while the Rockies dominated the Twins 7 to 3 and 5 to 1 in the other two games. Minny did beat the Royals in 3 out of 5 with one game getting postponed and the other a 4 to 6 loss.

6. Texas Rangers 24-21
Last Week: 9

Texas has climbed its way back. The Rangers have won 11 out of their last 12. The lone loss was to Detroit in a 3-game series where Texas dominated the other 2 games.

7. Boston Red Sox 22-21
Last Week: 6

Maybe, Boston just isn’t as good as everyone thought they’d be? Losing 3 out of 4 to the Oakland Athletics to end the week isn’t a good sign. They’re still above .500, though, which might mean something in the AL this year.

8. Detroit Tigers 21-21
Last Week: 7

The Rangers beat the Tigers in 2 out of 3 to end the week. But, Detroit came up big at the beginning of the week when beating the Orioles 5-4 and 6-5 in 2 of 3.

9. Los Angeles Angels 23-23
Last Week: 12

Angels, Tigers, Rays? Does it really matter who is 8, 9 and 10? I put the Angels 9 because they swept the Chicago White Sox in the first half of last week. Then, they lost 2 out of 3 to the New York Mets.

10. Tampa Bay Rays 23-23
Last Week: 10

In 4 of 6 games last week, Tampa Bay beat 2 of the better teams in the American League twice. They beat Cleveland twice, 6-4 and 7-4. Then, they beat the Yankees twice, 5-4 and 9-5. Both were 3-game series.

11. Chicago White Sox 20-22
Last Week: 8

After the Angels sweep, the White Sox lost 4 to 5 to Seattle. Then, they beat the Mariners in 3 straight games: 2-1, 16-1, and 8-1

12. Oakland Athletics 20-24
Last Week: 15

Sonny Gray’s arm has started to come around. He held Boston’s mighty batting line-up to only 3 runs from 4 hits while striking out 8 in his last start. The rest of the A’s responded by beating the Red Sox in the next 2 games of the series. If Gray has it together, the A’s could make some waves for a wildcard spot because the team truly responds to his leadership.

13. Seattle Mariners 20-25
Last Week: 14

We already know what happened to the Mariners. The White Sox beat them in 3 out of 4 to end the week. But, I still must move the Mariners up because the Blue Jays imploded.

14. Toronto Blue Jays 19-26
Last Week: 11

Toronto was on a nice streak. They had won 7 out of their last 8. Then, to start last week, they faced the mighty Atlanta Braves who beat them in 3 out of 4. 2 out of 3 losses to Baltimore sent the Blue Jays down 3 spots.

15. Kansas City Royals 18-25
Last Week: 13

The Royals lost 4 out of their 6 games played last week. That’s what you expect from the worst team in the American League.

National League
** All records as of May 14

1. Colorado Rockies 28-17
Last Week: 2

I put the Rockies in front of the Nationals in this week’s power rankings. Colorado won 4 out of 6 games. They beat the Minnesota Twins twice. They also beat the Cincinnati Reds twice.

2. Washington Nationals 26-17
Last Week: 1

They did book end wins. To start the week, Washington beat Pittsburgh 8 to 4. To end the week, the Nationals beat Atlanta 3 to 2. But, they also lost twice to both Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks 26-19
Last Week: 6

Wow, Arizona was en fuego last week! The Diamondbacks won their first 5 games before losing 1 to 5 to San Diego at Petco Park.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers 26-19
Last Week: 4

I could have just as easily made the Dodgers 3 and the D’Backs 4 on my rankings. But, the Dodgers lost 2 of 3 to the Giants before losing a game to the Marlins. That’s worse than Arizona losing once to the Padres.

5. Milwaukee Brewers 25-19
Last Week: 5

I don’t believe the Milwaukee Brewers are going away. They went 1 and 1 versus the Cubs to end the week. That’s not bad.

6. St. Louis Cardinals 22-19
Last Week: 3

The Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers could battle each other to the wire for the NL Central Division Championship. After beating Chicago in 2 out of 3 the week before, St. Louis started out last week by losing 4 in a row: 2 to the Red Sox, and 2 to the Giants.

7. Chicago Cubs 22-20
Last Week: 8

Sweeping the Reds in 3 games to start the week was a big deal. The Cubbies needed a blast of confidence after allowing the rival Cardinals to sweep them the week before.

8. Cincinnati Reds 20-23
Last Week: 7

The Reds have lost 8 out of their last 9. The wheels have fallen off the wagon. I expect the Reds to continue their slide. It’s only a matter of time before I’m forced to put Pittsburgh ahead of them.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates 20-24
Last Week: 10

The Pirates went a very good 2 and 4 last week. Andrew McCutchen is only batting .211. No worries, he leads the Bucks with 20 RBIs.

10. New York Mets 18-24
Last Week: 9

After losing 7 straight, the Mets bounced back versus the American League underachieving L.A. Angels with 2 wins from 3 games. I put the Mets a spot ahead of the vaunted Atlanta Braves because, well, does it matter?

11. Atlanta Braves 18-23
Last Week: 13

I haven’t been fair to Atlanta in these rankings. The Braves are much better this season than last season. Plus, they impressed by beating Washington in 2 out of 3. In one of the wins, they put a beating on the Nationals’ ace, Max Scherzer.

12. San Francisco Giants 19-26
Last Week: 14

Maybe, we’ve all been wrong about the Giants. They leapt up 2 spots in this week’s rankings because they beat the Dodgers in 2 of 3 before beating the Cardinals in 2 of 3. The Giants have now won 7 out of their last 9 games.

13. Philadelphia Phillies 15-26
Last Week: 10

Philadelphia lost 5 out of their 6 games last week. They were terrible versus Texas to start the week. The Rangers beat the Phillies 5-1, 9-3, and 8-4.

14. Miami Marlins 15-28
Last Week: 12

6 losses from 7 games last week has the Marlins falling all the way to 14. Miami just doesn’t have it in 2017. There’s no balance. Marcell Ozuna leads the team in home runs, 11, batting average, .311, and runs batted in, 30. Ozuna’s not enough.

15. San Diego Padres 15-30
Last Week: 15

The worst team in the National League didn’t disappoint. After losing 3 straight to Milwaukee, the Padres lost their first 2 games to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Written by D.S. Williamson


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