Where Adrian Peterson will play in 2017

Adrian Peterson is a hall-of-famer. We all know it. The fact that the Minnesota Vikings cut him and now say that they want to re-sign him is irrelevant. AP shouldn’t go back there if he truly wants a championship ring. So, where should he go? Here are some thoughts.

Where Could Adrian Peterson play in the NFL 2017 Season?

Dallas Cowboys

If Peterson is ready to accept a backup role, he could go to Dallas and play in his home state behind the best offensive line in football. Peterson has a lot of wear and tear on his body and he may just want to go out with his faculties still fairly intact. Then again, when you’re a star it’s hard to sit behind someone else.

Houston Texans

Some have speculated that the Texans are in the running since Peterson is a native Texan. But they have Lamar Smith, so again this would be a backup or even platoon situation. I don’t see it – particularly when the club is overpaying their current QB by so much.

Los Angeles Rams

The spotlight is something that Peterson is very comfortable in. He’s had cameos on TV shows and so a move to L.A. could be a next step. In turn, the Rams may want to bring in a veteran to help stabilize what has been a baaaad offense.

New York Giants

Yes! This one makes the most sense. New York released their RB option and so Peterson could slot right in to a playoff team. But would he take less money? The Giants certainly don’t want to pay him anywhere close to what he made in 2016. Still, Peterson may make up the difference in endorsement possibilities being in a big market like New York. This is the best fit and AP knows it.

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