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Highlights, Lowlights, and Upsets: Week 16

With Week 16 come and gone, the end of the season is finally here. The time when all that hard work pays off – or gets shattered into tiny little pieces. Last week meant playoff death for some teams and gave others cause to celebrate.

Let’s recap, shall we?

  • The Colts played like shit on Sunday and pretty much handed the Cowboys their NFC East title on a silver platter. I’m surprised Dallas didn’t shut them out entirely considering their apathetic performance.
  • It looked like the Chargers were going to meet their demise on the weekend – and to the 49ers no less! But they saved themselves from a lot of heckling and hung on to that potential Wild Card spot for a bit longer.
  • The Bills bit the dust in the playoff race at the hands of the Raiders this weekend. That’s right, the Raiders. How embarrassing.
  • Tony Romo made some significant strides towards being this year’s MVP by breaking Troy Aikman’s franchise record for yards passing in the #DALvsIND contest.


Week 16 Quick Picks

We saw a few teams secure their place in the playoffs while others were dejected to playing spoiler. One thing is certain though, there were a lot of surprising outcomes.

Let’s see how our picks stacked up:

Chiefs vs Steelers

The O/U was 46.5 for this matchup, and we were fairly certain it was going OVER. But at a measly 20-12 for Pittsburgh, we were definitely off the mark this time. Guess the Chief’s defense was just too good to let Big Ben rack up the points.

Chargers vs 49ers

Holy shit. Despite coming out on top, the Chargers really effed up this one. They played almost as bad as they possibly could, at least until the second half. But they did end up blowing past our UNDER prediction with a 73 total (it was set at 41.5).

Broncos vs Bengals

We were surprised to see Cincy take this one, even though they were playing at home. We said Denver would cover at -3, but the Bengals didn’t let that happen. 0-3 this week, ouch!

Falcons vs Saints

With a total of 56 for this contest, bettors were split 50/50 on which way it would go. Unfortunately for NO, they continued their at home losing streak and wound up with a 30-14 loss to Atlanta. If you took the UNDER, good on you – this was a tricky one.

Colts vs Cowboys

The total was 55 here, and maybe if the Colts had tried a little harder it would have gone OVER instead of coming up 6 points short. Congrats to Dallas though, who secured the NFC East with that win.


The Best of Week 16

Things are getting intense as everyone tries to pull out all the stops for the final stretch. This week gave us some pretty sweet moves and a few hilarious fails to enjoy, especially from the #SEAvsARI game.


Check out this epic TD from Orton to Woods that took out Buffalo:

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The Ram’s Daren Bates pulled this awesome leap frog move.

[vine id=”OXghK9MnE7z” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


Russell Wilson’s skilled 5 yard rushing TD made the cut for great plays.

[vine id=”OXH750VZ0W5″ align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


And here’s Sherman getting steamrolled by the Cards Kicker:

[vine id=”OXXObKLjgmz” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


That time the tech crew had to take down a runaway Seahawk.

[vine id=”OXXz329h9Pu” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


Ouch. Just ouch.

[vine id=”OXg3YWXnDQl” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


Okay Raiders, I have to admit, this catch was pretty frickin’ awesome.

[vine id=”OXgb7JgAhQb” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]


I have no words for Michael Bennett’s sack dance.

[vine id=”OXHmaqL7IXD” align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no”]

What do you think?

Written by Courtney Cassel

Courtney loves the Bears, despite the fact they've sucked most of this season. But she finds redemption in being a loyal Habs fan, and I guess those Raptors aren't too shabby either ;)

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