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    Week 14 Highlights, Lowlights, and Updates

    Things are getting tense as playoff chances get smashed left right and centre. Miami’s hopes are looking slim, the Bears are trying to get a losing streak going apparently, and the Eagles are still crying from their Seahawks beat down. The important facts and what you shouldn’t have missed from Week 14:  Saints fans couldn’t […] More

  • Week 13 Green Bay and New England
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    Week 13 Highlights, Lowlights and Updates

    The Patriots and Packers gave us an amazing Week 13 SuperBowl Preview. My Week 13 quick picks went 6-5 but I will say a few things in my own defense. These are my own Week 13 Upsets and WTFs: The Jacksonville Jaguars actually won a game! Ok so after that holy shit moment, the line […] More

  • Week 12 Damariyus Thomas Broncos

    Demaryius Thomas Can Run Block

    Demaryius Thomas showed Dolphins Safety Jimmy Wilson what run blocking really looks like in the NFL. Oh yeah, he also caught 10 passes for 87 yards and 3 touchdowns. Watch the top of the screen at the beginning, and the end of the run. [gfycat data_id=”HandyTartAustraliansilkyterrier”] More

  • Troy Aikmans Beard
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    Week 12 Highlights, Lowlights and Picks : Odell, Browns Fans Speak too Soon

    Our Week 12 wrap up includes: our terrible Sunday picks (time to start fading Reggie Breese), Odell Beckham Junior for president of the universe, Browns fans speaking to soon, and Dez Bryant being all humble again and just being Dez Bryant. We would be terrible human beings and even worse sports fans if we didn’t […] More

  • The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleading Squad

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    Our Salute to the Arizona Cardinals Cheer Squad

    The Arizona Cardinals are 9-1, have the best record in the NFL, sport one of the strongest defences in the league and looked solid in taking down the Detroit Lions yesterday in their Week 11 matchup. Palmer is out but Stanton is in, and if the Cards can stay healthy and consistent their playoff picture is […] More