JJ Watt Surgery Might Hit the Texans AFC Hopes

JJ Watt Surgery

A JJ Watt surgery, his second this year, was reported today by ESPN. Eventhough Watt has never missed a game, even with a broken hand and a herniated disk, sources say he might miss the pre season.

JJ Watt Surgery Implications

JJ had surgery in January, in which three adductors and two abdominal muscles were repaired. This second one was a back surgery.

JJ Watt besides being the NFL defensive player of the year, he is the center point of the Texans defense, which was key for their 2015 performance.

The Texans have been building the offensive side of their team for the 2016 NFL season, getting Brock Osweiler from Denver with a four-year, $72 million contract. They had to, last year they went through QB havoc, ending up their hopes in the playoffs against the Chiefs with Brian Hoyer’s five turnovers and a 30-0 loss.

Osweiler will have DeAndre Hopkins, as his star receiver, RB Lamar Miller who was signed in free agency, and receivers Will Fuller and Braxton Miller who came through the draft to work with. So the ofense looks set. In defense, that is where the result after JJ Watt’s surgery and his recovery will be key.

It will be a pitty if having worked on fixing the offensive part, the defense starts weakening without Watt. We hope he recovers well, and recovers in time to bring us the energy and thrills of the stuff he does on the field.

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Written by Ricky Price

I just love NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA Basketball and sports betting. Long time Texas Longhorns fan. Dallas Cowboys and Spurs follower.

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