NFL Week 6 – Roundup and Results

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Week 6 of the NFL ended yesterday after the Chargers victory 19-16 over the Broncos. Emotions abounded this football weekend, and it is already possible to identify those teams that will, in fact, fight to qualify for the playoffs and even reach the Super Bowl.

The match between Colts and Jaguars was the most scored of the round (61 points in total) and also one of the most exciting of the weekend. At home, the Colts were losing until the end of the third period, but managed to score 15 points in the last half, winning the game for their faithful fans present in the stadium.

And the Eagles are still unstoppable, 6 games and 6 wins! This time, the victims were the Dallas Cowboys. Overall, the match was balanced. However, in the second period the Eagles won 20-3, a huge points difference. The Cowboys lost 26-17 and could witness the strength of this Philadelphia super team. Newspapers and analysts are making a lot of commentary, trying to understand the reasons for such an efficient performance. There are many reasons, but the main comments revolve around that the team has a great passer and controls the passing and running moments well.

Vikings, Bills and Giants appear to be following in the Eagles’ footsteps as they won 5 out of 6 games played. They lost a game but are still well placed in their groups.

The Panthers are the worst team in the NFL this year. In six games played, they lost 5 and won only 1. Visiting the Rams in California, they lost 24-10 and sank into the NFC South pit.

The Chiefs are the team with the most points scored (179), while the Lions have the most points conceded (170).

Let’s see all the NFL week 6 results:

  • Commanders 12 x 7 Bears
  • 49ers 14 x 28 Falcons
  • Patriots 38 x 15 Browns
  • Jets 27 x 10 Packers
  • Jaguars 27 x 34 Colts
  • Vikings 24 x 16 Dolphins
  • Bengals 30 x 26 Saints
  • Ravens 20 x 24 Giants
  • Buccaneers 18 x 20 Steelers
  • Panthers 10 x 24 Rams
  • Cardinals 9 x 19 Seahawks
  • Bills 24 x 20 Chiefs
  • Cowboys 17 x 26 Eagles
  • Broncos 16 x 19 Chargers

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