Top 4 Temptations for Raiders Players in Las Vegas

So it’s official. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Was there ever a more perfect team name out of the existing 32 clubs than moving the Raiders to Las Vegas? We talked about this move by the Raiders in August, but now this stuff writes itself!

Raiders to Las Vegas – Will Face 4 Temptations

New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall was the first player to come out and express his concerns about an NFL team being based in Vegas. And we don’t blame him.

1. Strip Clubs

One needn’t look any further than Adam Pacman Jones as an example of how strip clubs could be a major distraction to some Raiders or visiting players. If Vegas is the world capital of these types of establishments, you can bet that it’ll be a must-visit for some excitable players.

2. The elements

Whenever you have this amount of excitement and money in one town, you have certain ‘influential’ and ‘connected’ folks who may try and impose their will on individual players. Now we’re not saying that this will actually happen, but we are saying it’s certainly something to guard against with a team now based there.

3. Gambling

To suggest that we’ll have another Pete Rose type situation on our hands is a longshot would probably be accurate. But you never know. Players will have access to legal establishments where they can walk in and plunk down some money. If I were the Raiders owner Mark Davis, I would try and ban my players from all sportsbooks in town.

4. So much to do

Does focus become an issue for player living and suiting up for the Raiders? You never know. New York has been known to be a tough place to keep sharp for some professional athletes. Can you imagine having prize fights, world class shows and throngs of celebs all around you every night? Not to mention the fact that every place is practically open 24/7!

Good luck Raiders – you’ll need it!

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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