Trump Southern Border Wall Presidential Address – All The Odds

Donald J. Trump is going to address the Nation tonight from the Oval Office. We’re thinking it’s going to be a wild ride.

President Donald J. Trump will be addressing the nation tonight, January 8th from the Oval Office, about the Southern Border Wall and the Immigration “Crisis”.

We’re only quoting the “Crisis” part because there is dissenting opinion on the nature of a National Emergency.

MyBookie has posted a long list of President Trump Odds about tonight’s Oval Office address.

According to David Strauss, head lines maker at MyBookie public action on Trump declaring a “National Emergency” are even. The sportsbook has already taken over $50,000 USD in action on these political props.

How long will Trump’s Speech Last?

Over 8.5 minutes -120
Under 8.5 minutes -120

What color will Trump’s tie be?

Red -400
Blue +300
Striped +400
Any Other Color +700

How many times will Trump say “Wall”

Over 7.5 times -120
Under 7.5 times -120

How many times will Trump say “crisis”

Over 6.5 times -120
Under 6.5 times -120

Will Trump blame migrant deaths on Democrats?

Note: must mention “Migrant Deaths” for action.
Yes -160
No 120

How long will the Government Shutdown Last after Jan 8?

Over 20.5 Days 120
Under 20.5 Days -160

Will funding for the Border Wall be approved?

Yes +150
No -200

Trump declares a National Emergency for Wall?

Note: Must be declared by Jan 18, 2019
Yes -200
No +150

How long will the Democrat rebuttal last?

Over 11.5 minutes -120
Under 11.5 minutes -120

Who will speak first for the Democrat Leadership?

Nancy Pelosi -200
Chuck Shumer +150

Democrats call for Trump to be impeached?

Yes -150
No +110

Democrats to use the term “Fake News”?

Yes -160
No +120

Democrats to blame Trump for Migrant deaths?

Note: must mention “Migrant Deaths” for action.
Yes +120
No -160

What do you think?

Written by Reggie Breese

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