5 NFL teams guaranteed to be under .500 in 2017

The NFL offseason is heating up, as players are released and re-signed. But one thing’s for certain: we’ll still have several bad NFL teams. Who are they? I’m glad you asked. Death, taxes and these five teams finishing under 8-8 – these are life’s certainties.

5 Bad NFL teams guaranteed to be under .500 in 2017

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Was there ever any doubt? This franchise is brutal, which is sad because owner Shahid Khan seems like a good guy. There are a myriad of things that have gone wrong for this franchise lately. You can definitely put Blake Bortles at the list. They have some talented WRs, but without a consistent quarterback, the Jags have no chance at getting back to respectability.

2. Chicago Bears

It’s good that Chitown is expected to move on from Jay Cutler. But what is the plan here? They have a good head coach but not much else right now. Add in the fact that the NFLPA is recommending to players not to sign in Chicago due to a state labor law, and you have a very grim outlook for a non-playoff team from 2016.

3. Los Angeles Chargers

I will go on record as saying that I like Philip Rivers. I think he’s a good leader and a talented quarterback. I just don’t think that he’s ever really had a visionary head coach to build and lead the team around him. Now based in L.A., I have a feeling that this franchise will be cursed for screwing over the good fans in San Diego.

4. San Francisco 49ers

Do I really have to write anything in this slot? They are a mess and are now looking to the distant future to regain any semblance of good form. Perhaps the draft will be the first step towards that goal.

5. Cleveland Browns

They’re starting to put together some good draft picks, but they have so many glaring holes that this team still has a few years before they are decent. Poor fans; they have put up with so much incompetence over the years. But I really do like Hugh Jackson. Give him the right pieces and they could be good – just not in 2017!

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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