Best Wildcard Weekend Tweets

Wild Card Weekend is in the books for 2019. The Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers and Colts are moving on. Bears fans are crying. Ravens fans are aren’t feeling the best. Texans fans are just saying: WTF.

We’re all wondering WTF is up with Jim Irsay?

Here’s a round up of the best Tweets for them 2019 Wildcard Weekend.

Don’t even care that this has *nothing* to do with any of the games. It’s Old School badass.
โ˜? Damn. Nasty.
Just because. ?
Yasss T.Y Hilton Yasss.
Cowboys Fans bringin’ it and it was broughten.
SAVAGE even if the original Tweet isn’t in English.
Not this year Philly. Not this year.
Run and run and run and run and run and run and run.
Have another drink Mr.Irsay

What do you think?

Written by Reggie Breese

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