Favorite crazy Super Bowl 52 prop bets

It’s the time of the year when the crazies (non football watchers, of course) come out of the woodwork and try to talk football, in the hopes of assimilating at the local Super Bowl party. What’s in it for them? Everlasting friendship and a chance to fuse pop culture with sports. This year’s prop bets at various betting sites are kooky, to say the least. Here are some of my favs.

Favorite Crazy Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets

What color hair will Pink wear?

There are a variety of colors to choose from at various sportsbooks, but if pink isn’t your choice then you’re just asking to lose money. Currently, it’s the color that favored at +150.

Will Pink say ‘Eagles’ before or after the National Anthem? 

Being that the rock star is from Pennsylvania, she may try and show her allegiance. I look this one. It’s a tough call. Knowing her rebel nature I would say she will yes, which is +110.

How many times will Carson Wentz be mentioned during the broadcast? 

I love the over 3.5 at -150. He’ll be shown on the sidelines a ton and should Philly win he’ll be right there to celebrate as well.

Which coach will be mentioned first during the broadcast?

My money is on Bill Belichick, simply because there are more storylines and accomplishments when it comes to him. More reasons for him to be referenced.

What color shoes will Justin Timberlake wear?

Come on, it has to be black, right? The odds are at -175 for the dark shade, with white being favored. I feel like J.T. will want to go more edgy here.

How many times will the Rocky statue be shown during the broadcast?

Over 1 is -150, easy money. That statue symbolizes sports, underdogs and Philly. It’ll be shown a few times.

Will Al Michaels refer to the spread during the game?

The NO is -150 and that would be my choice. The NFL frowns upon such things…for now.

Total Donald Trump tweets on February 4?

Over 5 is -140. True, he could be busy. But he also is a loose cannon who can go off at any time. I’d rather be prepared for a tirade. Give me the over.

What color will the Gatorade shower be?

Red is +275 and since I think the Pats will win, why wouldn’t they have red on their sidelines? It just makes too much sense to me.

Dave Trentadue is a radio producer and reporter in Montreal, Canada. Follow @davetrentadue

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Written by Dave Trentadue

Dave Trentadue is a radio producer and reporter in Montreal, Canada. He's also the co-owner of Eleven Waves marketing firm.

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