Lessons Learned Week 16 on the NFL

We are in full blown playoff mode now in the NFL. A couple of teams still have a shot at making it, while others are figuring out just who to rest next week. That said, we still have one more week of football betting in the NFL regular season. So let’s discuss what we just learned from Week 16.

Lessons Learned Week 16 NFL

1. The Chiefs are really opening up the playbook right now and finding ways to get both Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce the ball more often. It’s Andy Reid at his finest and it’s one reason not to bet against the KC in Week 17 – even if they have little to play for. That creativity won’t be shelved.

2. The Packers are showing that the offense is alive and well. I still worry about the D, though. Even if they end up winning the division this team is still fallible.

3. The Broncos have given up. Their offense is so listless while the defense simply doesn’t create turnovers anymore. Even with a backup QB starting next week for Oakland, give me their NFL betting side of the ledger, please.

4. Buffalo finds ways to lose. They are the same team that we’ve seen underachieve over the last couple of decades. At this point it’s hard to expect them to come away with a win in the final week. But then again one of the hallmarks of this team is inconsistency. So if they couldn’t win last week then maybe this week brings something different.

5. The Browns won a game. Don’t bet on a winning streak, folks. Shame on the players and fans for being so happy about one stinking victory. That’s not how you create a winning culture.

6. Washington can flat out score. But the problem is that they have to outscore opponents to win games. That defense has really held them back. Expect another high scoring affair and bet the over in their final game this week.

7. Houston is a mess. They win ugly. But, is ugly good enough to do anything of significance in the playoffs? Since they’ve clinched the division I expect them to get walloped in the final week with nothing on the line.

8. Poor Bucs. They just couldn’t get the job done when it mattered the most. They’ll miss the playoffs but this team has heart and fight – expect a great result to finish off the season.

9. The Steelers are in full contender mode. Jump on the football betting bandwagon for this group – they might just surprise the Pats!

10. Speaking of New England, they’re flawed but they’re damn good. Tom Brady is playing the best at his position in the AFC and it’s not even close – especially with Derek Carr now out. Every time I think they will take the foot off the gas they rev it up.

11. Kudos on the Eagles for showing fight in a meaningless game last Thursday. That really showed me something. I think Coach Pederson’s team brings it yet again in Week 17. Bet on it.

12. Well Miami, congrats. I have been a major doubter and you continue to get the job done. Even if it’s Matt Moore I now believe that they will be competitive with anyone. Will they win? That’s another matter.

Matthew Ross is a sports commentator and a radio host on TSN 690 Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Follow him @MatthewWords.

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