My Week 5 Bets : What Happened

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I made 3 plays. That’s pretty much the normal for me, I don’t like to make too many plays on a Sunday. The obvious reasons:

  1. I’m lazy.
  2. I know the books are getting sharper, I’m just getting more and more square.

Play #1 – #JACvsPIT

Placed $100 on the Steelers to win on the Moneyline, that way more than I’d typically bet on one game but it’s Jacksonville and Pittsburgh. The Steelers were -260 favourites so the big win here for me was a possible $38.64 from Bodog.

Outcome: Win with 19-7 Steelers. Too close, that ended up being a risky bet.

Play #2 – #CLEvsTEN

Placed $30 on Cleveland to easily cover -1 on the Spread. Easy is a relative term, down to the wire and the Browns pulled it off.

Tennesse and Locker have been totally ineffective, the Browns and Hoyer have been super effective.

Outcome: Win with 29-28 Browns. Closer than I would’ve thought but we squeaked on through.

Play #3 – #TBvsNO

I broke my cardinal rule, and a cardinal rule of recreational sports betting: don’t bet on your favourite team. So of course I put $30 on the Saints to cover -11 over the Bucs. Sure it’s a divisional game, but it sure does seem like these terrible teams come to life when they play the Saints this year.

Not to mention that the Saints Defense and Offensive Line have been astoundingly, utterly, completely and totally terrible. It was almost embarrassing to watch the shenanigans that Rob Ryan seems to be orchestrating. Eeesh.

Fundamentally my fault, I would’ve been alright had I bet the Moneyline and called it a day. But nope I couldn’t stop there.

Outcome: Loss with a 37-31 New Orleans win. The -11 wasn’t a pipe dream or a stupid bet but it was a losing bet and that’s all that matters.

My Week 5 Betting Result

I played $160 and typically one of my units is $30. I cleared $64.55.

Not bad and made it a bit more fun and tense to watch.

What did I learn?

Once again, don’t bet with your heart. The Saints haven’t been good enough or consistent enough to deserve that -11. Oh well. Lesson learned, has to happen once in a while.

Also available in Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) French

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Written by Dan Nedelko

Insanely curious, always absorbing and learning Dan is a writer, photographer, coder, sports and science fan. You can find Dan on Twitter @Dannomatic.