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    Disc Golfers Smash: Julie Ma and BusinessWeek Just Shat The Bed

    Disc golfers are up in arms across the internet focusing their turbo putt anger directly at Julie Ma and Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine. If you haven’t seen it yet Julie Ma, typically a fashion contributor decided to delve into the history of “expired” sports. In her list, is a sport that I’ve played for years, Disc […] More

  • redskins vs colts week 13
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    Redskins vs Colts Week 13 Free Pick

    With Colt McCoy starting for the Redskins instead of Robert Griffin III  against Andrew Luck, Thanksgiving Weekend Football brings us a very different Redskins vs Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana. We drew the line in the sand earlier this season saying Colt McCoy should be the Washington Redskins starter instead of the highly inconsistent […] More

  • Troy Aikmans Beard
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    Week 12 Highlights, Lowlights and Picks : Odell, Browns Fans Speak too Soon

    Our Week 12 wrap up includes: our terrible Sunday picks (time to start fading Reggie Breese), Odell Beckham Junior for president of the universe, Browns fans speaking to soon, and Dez Bryant being all humble again and just being Dez Bryant. We would be terrible human beings and even worse sports fans if we didn’t […] More

  • Week 11 Updates, highlights, vines, gifs
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    NFL Week 11 Highlights and Lowlights

    Week 11. What is happening? My universe is imploding. Nothing makes any sense. All of these statements have been made after the first round of 1pm Eastern games. Serious upsets, douche baggery, shockers and generally chaos ensues. Gronkowski having a very Gronky Run An epic run in every possible way. Not to mention a beauty […] More

  • Bengals vs Saints
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    My Week 11 Sunday NFL Bets

    Doubling down on the Saints and Bengals #CINvsNO and the Browns and Texans #HOUvsCLE for the early games. Let’s see how these two pan out. I also generally wouldn’t parlay but putting these two solid picks together had a nice return. Live updates to come! I believe in my Saints, and of course I always […] More

  • NFL Week 11 Quick Picks

    NFL Week 11 Quick Picks

    WEEK 11 NFL Quick Picks We’re not covering details in the picks, just straight up picking the winners. Winners are in bold and underlined. UPDATE: 4:20PM Fade me, I’m terrible. I went 2-6 on the early games. W.T.F. Sunday, November 16 Texans 1:00 PM Browns Falcons 1:00 PM Panthers Vikings 1:00 PM Bears Bengals 1:00 PM […] More

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    One. Hell. Of. A. Run.

    Hey everyone look. The Eagles can play Football. Holy shit can they play football. More

  • New Orleans San Francisco Week 10
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    5 Reasons The Saints Didn’t Deserve to Win Sunday

    I’m a lifelong Saints fan, and take a yearly pilgrimage down to the Big Easy to spend a weekend, watch the game, eat some Beignets and drink Hurricanes. This year I had to drink a few more Hurricanes than normal. It was a great game, if you’re a Niners fan. I was at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome to […] More

  • Week 9 matchup Broncos at Patriots
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    Betting Notes: #DENvsNE Free Pick

    Ok it’s the clash of the titans tomorrow in Foxborough. Kicking back on a Sunday afternoon with a couple of beers watching two Hall of Fame Quarterback duke it out isn’t a bad way to adjust into Winter, especially if you for some strange reason live in the North like I do. How do you […] More

  • How to bet the NFL for fun

    My Week 5 Bets : What Happened

    I made 3 plays. That’s pretty much the normal for me, I don’t like to make too many plays on a Sunday. The obvious reasons: I’m lazy. I know the books are getting sharper, I’m just getting more and more square. Play #1 – #JACvsPIT Placed $100 on the Steelers to win on the Moneyline, […] More