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  • Troy Aikmans Beard
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    Week 12 Highlights, Lowlights and Picks : Odell, Browns Fans Speak too Soon

    Our Week 12 wrap up includes: our terrible Sunday picks (time to start fading Reggie Breese), Odell Beckham Junior for president of the universe, Browns fans speaking to soon, and Dez Bryant being all humble again and just being Dez Bryant. We would be terrible human beings and even worse sports fans if we didn’t […] More

  • Week 11 Updates, highlights, vines, gifs
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    NFL Week 11 Highlights and Lowlights

    Week 11. What is happening? My universe is imploding. Nothing makes any sense. All of these statements have been made after the first round of 1pm Eastern games. Serious upsets, douche baggery, shockers and generally chaos ensues. Gronkowski having a very Gronky Run An epic run in every possible way. Not to mention a beauty […] More

  • Jimmy Graham groped


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    The Joker gets Cheeky with Jimmy Graham

    Scott McGown, a Saints season holder and fan who has been dressing as the Joker ever since The Dark Knight featured Heath Ledger as The Joker, issued an apology to Jimmy Graham. If you missed it, Jimmy Graham has said he won’t be doing the Endzone leap in the future. We figure it’s just going […] More

  • Hot Cheerleaders Dolphins

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    Our Salute to The Dolphins Cheer Squad

    If you suffered through the first three quarters of the Bills vs Dolphins matchup you probably spent more time paying attention to the ever smiling Dolphins cheerleading squad. It’s amazing how these amazing ladies hold up through 3 terrible quarters of lousy football with such a positive attitude. For this, we owe them all a […] More

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    Classic DENvsNE Moments

    Sunday brings a 16th chapter of the Brady-Manning story. And if history is a good judge, the only thing we’ll be able to predict is that the game will be unpredictable. Here are a few of my favourites:           More

  • NFL Week 4 Best Plays
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    The Best NFL Week 4 Vines

    We specialize in lazy, we’d really rather that someone else does all of the work whenever possible. So here’s a collection of our favorite Week 4 NFL moments. Steve Smith Whaaaaaaaat!!!! So accidentally awesome which make it’s just plain old awesome.     The Raiders Caught a Football The Raiders even got to fly to […] More

  • The Best NFL Vines Week 2
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    Best NFL Vines : Week 2 Edition

    NFL Week 2 included some serious upsets. The Brown beat the Saints. The Bills beat the Dolphins. Da Bears came back and thumped the Niners. It was a cavalcade of one handed catches, surprisingly strong defensive action, Harbaugh Harbaughing, and the Oakland Raiders fumbling twice in one play although that isn’t really surprising. Mike Wallace […] More