“You know why I’m here” Marshawn Lynch Tells Media

Oh Marshawn Lynch, what have you done now.

It seems the more he tries to avoid the media, the more they focus on him.

In fact, on the NFL’s media day reporters were so anxious to get up close and personal with the Seahawk that he had to be given his own interview time and space to accommodate everyone.

Marshawn LynchBut what’s at the bottom of this trumped-up fine controversy? The media looking for validation? A running back trying to make a name for himself? A fashion line attempting to go viral?

(Marshawn’s also been threatened with huge fines for wearing his “Beast Mode” branded hats on air.)

I’m leaning towards media hype and ego, seeing as Lynch’s skills on the field do all the talking he needs.

Plus the Seahawk star refusing to speak to media is nothing new.

Do we not all remember last year’s Super Bowl lead up?

In an interview with reporter Michael Silver in January 2014, Marshawn explained:


I’ve never seen anybody win the game in the media. But at the same time, I understand what it could do for you, if you wanted to be someone who talks a lot. But that’s not me.


And this is what’s causing all the problems? The guy doesn’t like to talk our ears off, so we’re gonna fine him half a mil?

Is this really the story you want to stick to, NFL?

I mean obviously it’s a requirement of his job to speak to the press, but isn’t the purpose of player interviews to create publicity for the league anyway?

And hasn’t all this debate over his freedom to NOT speak generated more attention than any post-game interview would have?

Maybe this is all a clever reverse tactic of the NFL.

Maybe they just had to fill their quota for league controversies.

Either way, this and other internet fodder like Deflategate are distracting me from what I really want to hear about – Super Bowl XLIX and the actual game.

If you’d like to see the full interview of Marshawn Lynch shutting down the press with his new catchphrase “You know why I’m here” (which has already been commandeered by hashtags and meme’s alike) then check out the video below.

Marshawn Lynch Tells Media

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Written by Courtney Cassel

Courtney loves the Bears, despite the fact they've sucked most of this season. But she finds redemption in being a loyal Habs fan, and I guess those Raptors aren't too shabby either ;)

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