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Jaguars at Redskins : Week 2 Breakdown

The Jaguars started their Week 1 match up against the Philadelphia Eagles with glimmers of a +.500 team. Forcing two fumbles and converted those into two touchdowns.

Sadly for the Jags it wouldn’t last, the Eagles found their rhythm and the Jaguars buckled under the pressure applied by the Eagles. The Jaguars are a young team and if they’re going to mature into a strong contender these kinds of losses can’t stick around into the next week of games.

Offensive Keys to  the Game

For the Jaguars to be successful this week against a shaky Washington Redskins they’ll need to focus on their running game, the Jags offensive line has to create running lanes that open and stay open for Toby Gerhart  and Denard Robinson. In week one the two backs combined for a mere 50 yards.

According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), not a single Jaguars lineman graded out with a positive score in run blocking.

For the Jags to score a win, this can’t happen today.

Defensive Keys to the Game

The Jaguars defense had an amazing first half in week 1. Nick Foles looked visibly shaken and the results showed on the scoreboard. Keeping up a sustained defensive attack through an entire game takes a ton of energy especially against a relatively experienced high flying offensive like the Eagles.

The entire secondary has to work on communication so it can avoid issues like the 68-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy MaclinThese mistakes cannot happen against the Redskins receivers, one of the fastest in the league.

In general the Jaguars have a strong defensive group, in order to be successful they have to play with a tempered demeanour and pace. High energy blitzing needs to be saved for critical moments and the big wins look to be paired with big gaps in defensive play.

Jacksonville gave up over 140 yards to LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles. The Redskins rushing attack isn’t as potent as the Eagles, but it can still provide trouble, especially if RG3 gets the chance to run any read-option plays. 

  1. Pacing out the energy of the defensive line. Block and frustrate RG3, keep him running.
  2. Shut down the Redskins rushing attack including RG3.

Can the Jags Win This One?

They sure can. If they steady things out the Redskins are entirely beatable, this win might steady out a young Jags team that could use the confidence boost of a 1-1 Week 3 showing.

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