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  • 2017 Week 10 NFL Picks

    Selection Corner – Week 10 NFL Picks

    Oh yeah, we were 4-0 last week, baby! Ride the wave and get on board, because we’re locked in and ready for Week 10’s game. Here are four football picks to consider when betting on the NFL this week. 2017 Week 10 NFL Picks Minnesota (-1.5) at Washington Redskins D.C. is coming off an impressive […] More

  • 2017 NFL Week 10 Preview

    2017 NFL Week 10 Preview

    I admit, NFL Week 10 was brutal. I get into the specifics on my NFL Week 10 Picks N’ Schedules piece. You know, the one where I make my disastrous picks by putting two asterisks next to the teams I like against the spread? Disaster doesn’t even begin to describe NFL Week 9. Oh, well, […] More

  • nfl week 10 power index 2017

    NFL Week 10 Top 10 Team Power Index

    So the top team stays put, but can you really move up more than one team if they were on a bye week? The answer is yes, but only because I had no choice. I don’t yet think that the Panthers are ready for the number two slot, so a couple of bye teams get […] More

  • 2017 nfl week 10 power rankings

    2017 NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

    NFL Week 9 proved that teams at the top are going to stay at the top. One team appears to have finally come back down to earth, though. The Kansas City Chiefs are no longer in my Top 5. I couldn’t keep them in the Top 5 after they lost to Dallas. Other than that, […] More

  • Jimmy Graham groped
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    The Joker gets Cheeky with Jimmy Graham

    Scott McGown, a Saints season holder and fan who has been dressing as the Joker ever since The Dark Knight featured Heath Ledger as The Joker, issued an apology to Jimmy Graham. If you missed it, Jimmy Graham has said he won’t be doing the Endzone leap in the future. We figure it’s just going […] More

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    One. Hell. Of. A. Run.

    Hey everyone look. The Eagles can play Football. Holy shit can they play football. More

  • New Orleans San Francisco Week 10
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    5 Reasons The Saints Didn’t Deserve to Win Sunday

    I’m a lifelong Saints fan, and take a yearly pilgrimage down to the Big Easy to spend a weekend, watch the game, eat some Beignets and drink Hurricanes. This year I had to drink a few more Hurricanes than normal. It was a great game, if you’re a Niners fan. I was at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome to […] More